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How Does Real “Decontamination” Really Work?

Decontamination System is the highlighted feature of Aerosafe products. Compared to other devices that can only filter contaminants in the air, the Decontamination System in Aerosafe products is capable of removing as well as neutralizing harmful substances around us, both in the air or on various surfaces. Aerosafe’s state-of-the-art Decontamination System works by releasing gas that contains substances that actively seek and attack bacteria, viruses and other harmful materials. Combined with our innovative distribution system, Aerosafe’s Decontamination System ensures the most effective and efficient distribution of the decontamination solution.

The Science behind Aerosafe Products is Based on:

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Aerosafe Ecosystem

Aerosafe Portable

Continuous Protection
Neutralizing Viruses, Bacteria, Spore, and Fungi
Advanced Quad-Decontamination Technology

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Aerosafe Mini

More than Air Purifier system
Decontamination Mode
Neutralizing Virus and Bacteria

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Aerosafe Thermos

Thermal insulation
UVC LED Chip for healthy drinking water

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“Is a mask enough?”

The N95 mask filters down to 0.3 microns. Meanwhile, many harmful particles are smaller than that.

Aerosafe Benefits

Safe for other electronic devices

Continuous protection

Completely dry and leaves no residue

Hospital-grade decontamination system


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