5 Modern Car Accessories to Make Driving More Comfortable

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5 Modern Car Accessories to Make Driving More Comfortable

With the development of technology, there are now many types of car gadgets or accessories that are made to make your driving experience more comfortable. Based on the personalities of the drivers, everyone has their own different kinds of car accessories that they need to have in their car. However, these 5 car accessories are a must for all drivers!

Phone Holder

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In today’s day and age, a phone holder is crucial for every driver. This accessory help drivers to see the map on their phone and avoid using it while driving. That way, you can keep your focus on handling the steer but you can still glance at your phone for any notification you may receive on the road.

Phone Charger

Your new phone holder will be very useful if your phone runs out of battery. To prevent that from happening, it’s better for you to prepare a charger that directly connects to the source of electricity in your vehicle. If possible, try to find a car charger that has more than one USB charging slot in case you need to use it.

Aerosafe Mini Decontamination Device

During this pandemic era, having a device that can protect you from viruses and bacteria anywhere you are, including inside your cabin car, is an important necessity. Aerosafe Mini is a decontamination device that can kill 99.5% of viruses and bacteria within 5 minutes. Taking advantage of the latest Ozone and Negative Ion technology, Aerosafe Mini is safe to be used in a car cabin without damaging the interior or the electric parts of the vehicles.

Using Aerosafe Mini in your car means that you are using your car as a personal disinfection chamber. Driving your car with Aerosafe Mini’s Decontamination Mode turned on will protect you from viruses and bacteria before and after you’re involved in outdoor activities, meeting friends, colleagues, and family.

Let’s make your own personal disinfection chamber! Buy Aerosafe Mini now on Tokopedia!

Dashboard Camera

Dashboard camera or Dashcam is not actually a new thing. However, as time goes by, the picture quality from Dashcam has improved significantly. With prices going down, you can get a Dashcam that can record up to 4K image quality. This is critical just in case you are involved in a road accident.

Electric Pump

Many people often forget to check the air pressure in their tires before driving even though it can cost them their safety. In order to make sure that the air pressure in your tires is well-monitored, make sure you prepare an air pump in your car. Today, there are many options for a portable air pump that uses a battery to operate. Even though the price is rather expensive, this type of pump is easy to use and you can also set the right pressure based on your needs.


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