Sale of Air Purifier Products is Spiking, How Effective is it to Prevent COVID-19?

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Sale of Air Purifier Products is Spiking, How Effective is it to Prevent COVID-19?

Brands that produce air purifier devices keep innovating and implementing the most advanced technology in their products.

In July 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially announced that the COVID-19 virus is airborne. It caused a ruckus among the people who at that time understood that the virus could only be transmitted directly through droplets when COVID-19 patient speaks, breathes, sneezes, coughs, or sings.

We then needed to find new ways to protect ourselves and our families other than consistently wearing masks and avoiding crowded places. This situation was used by air purifier producers that rapidly market their products. We gladly accept them, proven by media outlets that spread the stories of the spiking sale of air purifier products by the end of 2020. One of the biggest brands in Indonesia even reported that the average sale of their air purifier product line reached 10,000 units per month in 2020.

How effective is air purifier products in preventing COVID-19?

Up until this day, no one brand claims that their air purifier products are capable of preventing COVID-19. Besides, Pulmonologist from Texas, USA, Nidhy P. Varghese, MD, explained that merely filtering particles flying around us will not stop the COVID-19 infection because of its extremely small size. However, the costumers are still buying air purifier products and the brands keep trying to attract the potential customers by featuring the latest innovation and most advanced technology in their products.

Noticing this huge market, PT Bhakti Nusantara Teknologi (BNT) introduced a decontamination device in form of their new product, Aerosafe Mini. Featuring dual mode system, Decontamination Mode and Air Purifier Mode, Aerosafe Mini uses Ozone and Negative Ion technology to kill and neutralize viruses, bacteria, and other harmful substances. Other than Aerosafe Mini, BNT also offers Aerosafe Portable that is equipped with even more advanced system and wider range of operation. With both products, BNT wishes to help increasing the air quality surrounding their customers.

Find out more about the feature and specification from those three products here.


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