PT Bhakti Nusantara Teknologi Launched Its Air Decontamination Product Lineups

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PT Bhakti Nusantara Teknologi Launched Its Air Decontamination Product Lineups

Aerosafe products are introduced to the media during a safe, small media gathering held on Monday, 8 February 2021 at Swiss-belhotel Pondok Indah.

Air pollution in this capital city and generally other big cities in the world is getting worse significantly. Even more so now with the COVID-19 pandemic that has been going on for more than a year. In July last year, the World Health Organization released a statement that COVID-19 can be transmitted through airborne particles. This statement surely made the people anxious and they are forced to find new ways to protect themselves. At that time, we all believed that this virus could only be transmitted through direct contact with COVID-19 patient’s saliva and its droplets when the patient talks, breathes, sneezes, coughs or sings.

Constantly wearing mask, avoiding crowd, and washing hands are now not enough to protect ourselves and the ones we love. We now need better quality of air, especially in rooms with air conditioner and little to no ventilation.

PT Bhakti Nusantara Teknologi (BNT) are concerned about this and we held a series of research and development, referring to international bodies such as WHO and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). It resulted in a technology that could reduce the risk of catching the COVID-19 indoor by decontaminating the air with substances that actively seek and neutralize viruses and bacteria that are spread around in the air and stuck on various surfaces.

We call it Aerosafe.

Aerosafe Mini

Aerosafe Mini

The decontamination technology that we use in Aerosafe products is different to other air purifier technology that merely uses filtering system. There are two product variants in our Aerosafe product lineups, separated only by its operating area. Our masterpiece is Aerosafe Portable, operating effectively in a room up to 1,200 m3. And its little brother is Aeorase Mini, perfect companion that you can bring everywhere you go with optimum operating area up to 10m3.

Other than its ridiculously amazing operating area, Aerosafe Portable adopts Quad-Decontamination System technology, consisting of Ozone, Negative Ion, Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide, and HEPA Filter technology. This complex system is integrated with smart and safe censor system that ensures maximum impact and safe usage. Aerosafe Mini, on the other hand, features Dual Mode System, the regular air purifier mode and our highlight decontamination mode. Both modes are supported by advanced Ozone and Negative Ion technology. Aerosafe Portable and Aerosafe Mini are clearly different in dimension but both of them use the same technology that produces particles below 5 microns to make sure of efficient decontamination and maximum distribution without leaving any residue.

We are proud to inform you that all of the concept, design, R&D, manufacturing and software development are all done in Indonesia.

PT Bhakti Nusantara Teknologi held a safe, small media gathering to launch Aerosafe Portable and Aerosafe Mini on Monday, 8 February 2021. Mr. Alfonsius Aditya as the Director of Sales and Marketing of PT Bhakti Nusantara Teknologi opened the event and provided an explanation of this decontamination products. There was also Dr. Mulyaningsih who shared an information about the importance of good air quality, especially during this pandemic. A demo session was held with our media partners to better introduce them to our brand-new products.


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