Celebrate Eid Mubarak with These House Decoration Trinkets

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Celebrate Eid Mubarak with These House Decoration Trinkets

Celebrate Eid Mubarak with Aerosafe Mini, decontamination device capable of protecting you and your guests from bacteria and viruses.

Illustration of family dining together on Eid Mubarak

Closing in on Eid Mubarak, Indonesian citizens who celebrate the Holy Day are filled with joy. House decorating or house cleaning has become one of the routine activities to welcome this day. The restriction of “mudik” will certainly increase the needs of house decoration trinkets as people will spend much more time at home, welcoming their neighbors. If you’re one of those people and you’re looking for house decoration ideas, try one of these stuffs!

Artificial Tree

Illustration of decorative plants in living room

Other than cycling, a huge amount of people seemed to be interested in taking care of plants. With the rising trend of enthusiasts, the price of popular plants sky-rocketed. If you’re not really into plants but you still want your house to look fresh and aesthetic, artificial tree would be an interesting alternative.

Picture Frame

The warmth atmosphere of family togetherness is normally felt on Eid Mubarak. With the pandemic still being around, we can still spread the warmth with a picture of your happy family, put in a nice frame on top of the living room table. Let’s just hope that the picture of your happy family can be spread to your guests!

Aerosafe Mini

Illustration of family using Aerosafe Mini in living room

With the restriction on “mudik”, people can only visit their neighbors’ houses to celebrate Eid Mubarak. To anticipate the spread of bacteria and viruses in the neighborhood, use Aerosafe Mini, a documentation device with Ozone and Negative Ion technology, in your living room. Activate the Air Purifier Mode when people are around to maintain the air quality and turn on the Decontamination mode when nobody around for a more effective bacteria and viruses’ removal process.

For more information about Aerosafe Mini, click here.

Floor Lamps

Today’s decoration trend allows lamps to be part of unique and modern house decoration. If you’re interested to use it as part of the decoration, you can try floor lamps with yellowish lightbulb to give warm and elegant atmosphere in your house.


Illustration of fur carpet in living room

If you haven’t already, using a carpet in your living room can provide better comfort for you and your guests. A soft fur rug is highly recommended for better comfort. However, with various type of food and beverages served on Eid Mubarak, you must be extra careful as to not to spill anything because cleaning it would be very difficult.

Happy decorating!


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