Aerosafe Thermos

UVC LED Chip technology for sterile drinking water


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UVC-sterilization system

Attack microbial DNA or RNA molecular structure


For a more effective sterilization process

Sterilization Mode

In Sterilization Mode, this smart tumbler actively kills microbes for 1.5 minutes, indicated with green light turned on.

Bacteriostatic Mode

In Bacteriostatic Mode, this smart tumbler actively kills bacterial pathogens for 1.5 minutes and automatically turned on every 6 hours, indicated with purple light turned on.

3 Color Options

Black, Navy Blue, White

Technical Specification

Sterilization Period : 1.5 minutes
Weight : 300 grams
Dimension : 65 × 65 × 300mm
Material : 304 Stainless Steel Body + PP Cover
Bottle Capacity : 600mL

Charging Period : 2 Hours
Battery Capacity : 800mAh
Input : 5V / 2A
Charging Connector : Micro USB

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